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Six Sigma Japanese's production systemSix Sigma is used to reduce defects and the costs of scrap, rework, customer returns, warrantee support and lost customers that are associated with them.  Initially codified by Motorola to improve yield and profits in their microelectronics chip operations, it became part of mainstream corporate America when General Electric (GE) adopted it.

I think of it as a data based, problem solving method on steroids.  The “steroid” comes in two parts: the use of sophisticated analytical tools and sponsorship systems for people and team projects that enables change to occur in large organizations.  Some love it because it works.  Some hate it when it’s implemented poorly or driven by number of projects, people trained or achieving their “belts.”

If you don’t care if you call it “six sigma,” we can implement it as problem solving or troubleshooting methods and use only as much sponsorship structure as required by the size and culture of your organization.


In just a few weeks, Eileen Webb with Streamline Consulting Associates helped us transform our pricing processes.

L. Burke Miller, COO, CFO – Quantum Loyalty Systems


"Streamline Consulting helped us design and implement changes in the way work is done that have transformed the organization into a lean, mean casino machine. "

By Star Anderson, General Manager, Carson Nugget

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Our Mission: Streamline Consulting is committed to helping our customers streamline their processes to make the work simpler and easier to do so they can achieve their strategic improvements in speed, cost and quality.

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