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manufacturingThe Challenge:  Maintain exceptional service levels during rapid growth

Monarch Direct, which provides printing and mailing services, had a problem, one that most business owners would love to have – they were growing quickly.  However, rapid growth was impacting their ability to keep up with order deadlines.  Turning projects around quickly and delivering high quality work is a key focus at Monarch Direct, and they did not want to lose customers because they could not keep up with demands.

The Streamline Consulting Solution: Create a project flow that maximizes resources and eliminates bottlenecks.

Streamline Consulting worked with manager Michael Riggs and his three-person team to map Monarch Direct’s work flow. A visual system was implemented to identify workflow jams, and simple yet effective changes were implemented, including:

  • Reducing hot lots to a manageable level and working remaining orders first-in, first-out
  • Cross-training staff to balance workloads
  • Improving the graphic designer’s focus and output by redirecting incoming customers to the main entrance, rather than the designer’s office, and reserving half hour blocks of time to focus on finishing proofs, rather than constantly re-starting them.

The Result: Within a few weeks, Monarch Direct cut its order turnaround time in half, and a few weeks after that, work flow was balanced and cash flow greatly improved.

Sometimes it’s the simple, inexpensive changes that make a tremendous difference in an operation, cost-effective changes that we are experts at finding.  Contact Streamline Consulting to assess your process and achieve your business goals. Call us at 775-888-9890. Or email:


In just a few weeks, Eileen Webb with Streamline Consulting Associates helped us transform our pricing processes.

L. Burke Miller, COO, CFO – Quantum Loyalty Systems


"Streamline Consulting helped us design and implement changes in the way work is done that have transformed the organization into a lean, mean casino machine. "

By Star Anderson, General Manager, Carson Nugget

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