Keys to Boosting Sales

January 16th, 2013 // 9:40 pm @ eileenwebb

I hate it when I have to relearn what I already know.   

Sales drives everything in a small business.  So during my 15 minute, peer group review of progress and plans during the Entrepreneurs’ Assembly meeting a few days ago, the facilitator asked me how I got customers.  I answered that mine come from referrals and speaking engagements but that one of my customers said I got their business because I happened to contact them when they needed it.   

I had just told the group that my priority was to get some testimonials and case studies from recent clients for the website. Not that the website isn’t important, it is.  But clearly my website is good enough already. 

I already knew that direct contact and follow up is the most effective way for consulting businesses like mine to get business.  I even teach a class ”Marketing and Sales for Consultants and Professionals” based on the book Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden.  This is the book I wish I had had when I started consulting – because I knew how to get results for my clients but not how to get clients.

This e-mail newsletter is part of direct contact – it helps people remember me.  But a newsletter isn’t a follow up tool.  I also need to do more phone calls, e-mails, and letters. 

The 6 strategies for increasing business in decreasing order of effectiveness are 

1.  Direct Contact and Follow Up

2.  Networking and Referral Building

3.  Public Speaking

4.  Writing and Publicity

5.  Promotional Events

6.  Advertising

Of course most small businesses, like mine, don’t have the resources to do all of these things.  And depending on where you are stuck in the sales cycle, some are more effective than others.  This book helped me set priorities.  And if you like having daily and weekly goals (I do, they help me stay on track) you can use their tracking forms.

I had forgotten what I already knew.

Direct contact and follow up is the most effective part of building my business. 

Gotta go – I’ve got phone calls to make and appointments to set…

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  1. Pam Boga

    5 years ago

    Good to hear from you. These are great reminders. Thanks!


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