I want my Mama

January 31st, 2012 // 6:03 pm @ eileenwebb

My four year old niece was on the floor sobbing “I want my Mama!”  I had just gotten home from having gall bladder surgery.  Her mother had gone to pick up my prescriptions and my niece had chosen to stay with me.

I wanted to hold her in my lap and comfort her, but that seemed like a particularly bad idea so soon after my surgery.  And clearly it was my twin sister she wanted, not me.

But I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. So I asked her a what turned out to be a brilliant question:

“Do you want to keep on crying or do you want to help me dust the desk?”

She considered the question and said “Dust the desk.”  So I got the supplies and we dusted the desk until my sister got back.

My niece is a teenager now, but she still remembers helping me dust the desk.

I’m not four, but sometimes I get stuck being upset – sometimes it’s missing my parents or being angry at my ex.  I’m a big girl now and don’t have to wait until my aunt reminds me that I have a choice. I can always choose to stay upset but would rather get on with my life and make new memories.

If you notice that I seem to be stuck, it’s OK if you ask me if I’d rather stay upset or dust the desk.  I’ll get the hint.

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3 Comments → “I want my Mama”

  1. ken adams

    6 years ago

    That is great – good writing, tight, clear – dusting the desk, really good thinking and writing.


  2. June Reeves-Weir

    6 years ago

    Great message on living and making the best of your life!


  3. Laurie Reeves

    6 years ago

    Eilene, Just keep dusting your desk and talking to the heavenly father, Love you!


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