Customer Service

Customer service isn’t just about giving apologies and refunds.  It’s about preventing problems before they occur as well as preserving your reputation and profits.

We’ve all experienced poor customer service – long waits, products or services that just weren’t right, or inattentive front line people. Some of us have even given poor customer service – not because we wanted to, but because our own systems and processes got in the way.

When your processes are fast and reliably deliver what your customers want then you won’t need to spend so much time and money having your employees make apologies and giving refunds. And your employees won’t be worn down and inattentive from having deal with so many upset customers.

Change the process and system so it’s possible to give your customers what they want the first time.


In just a few weeks, Eileen Webb with Streamline Consulting Associates helped us transform our pricing processes.

L. Burke Miller, COO, CFO – Quantum Loyalty Systems


"Streamline Consulting helped us design and implement changes in the way work is done that have transformed the organization into a lean, mean casino machine. "

By Star Anderson, General Manager, Carson Nugget

About Us

Our Mission: Streamline Consulting is committed to helping our customers streamline their processes to make the work simpler and easier to do so they can achieve their strategic improvements in speed, cost and quality.

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