Process Improvement Results

October 15th, 2010 // 6:16 pm @ eileenwebb

Process Improvement Results

The results are usually fast – usually in a matter of weeks.  Most see improvements in speed, cost, and quality.  Be clear about what kinds of results you need since there are often trade offs between them.  Typical results for a project include:

  • 5-25%       Reduction in labor costs
  • 5-25%       Increase in productivity or capacity
  • 25-50%    Improvement in speed
  • 10-50%    Reduction in space requirements and work in process inventory
  • 5-80%       Reduction in scrap and rework

After a series of projects, you will begin to develop a culture that expects improvement rather than just living with the status quo.  So whether you are experiencing “growing pains,” competitive pressures, or new opportunties, your organization will be able to adapt and thrive.

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